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Automatically program your robot for welding and eliminate the need for costly manual programming.

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Unlock the quality and flexibility of robotic welding

Industrial robots are a great tool for welding automation: they are fast, repeatable, and flexible, but conventional programming is costly and time-consuming. This makes industrial robots uneconomical for many tasks particularly in the manufacture of low volume or customised products.

Verbotics solves this problem with smart software to automatically generate robotic welding programs directly from CAD information. Our intelligent algorithms take the time and effort out of robot programming so your robots spend more time welding - even in very low volume production environments.

Improve your manufacturing
  • Utilise robotic welding without costly programming.
  • Automatically sense and adjust for errors in part placement.
  • Easily specify weld process information.
  • Improve the quality and consistency of your welds.
Revolutionise your robot programming
  • Create full simulations of every weld.
  • Program both simple and complex welding systems.
  • Export detailed cycle time reports.
  • Plan optimised robot motions.

Verbotics Weld: simple to use, powerful results

Verbotics Weld is an easy-to-use desktop application that makes offline robot programming for welding easy. Although it's simple to use, it has powerful tools to ensure you can get high-quality welding results with minimal programming effort.

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1. Import
Import your part from CAD.

Identify welds

2. Identify
Automatically identify all weld paths.


3. Plan
Automatically plan all robot motions and calibration.


4. Weld
Simulate or export robot welding code

Easy programming for bespoke production

See how Verbotics Weld can be used to automate one-off manufacturing. A custom designed fire pit was robotically welded with minimal programming effort at the Facility for Intelligent Fabrication.


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Implementing Verbotics Weld

A guide to setting up your robot for Verbotics Weld.


Learn how to use Verbotics Weld with tutorials and references.

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