Our Vision & Purpose


To remove the skill barrier, time and effort associated with robot programming - making robotic automation accessible for all manufacturers, large and small.


To be the go-to solution for industrial robot programming, worldwide.

Company History


  • Verbotics was founded in 2017 by robotics researchers, Nathan Larkin and Andrew Short, at the University of Wollongong.
  • The goal? To revolutionise the way robots are programmed. Removing the skill barrier, time and effort involved — making robotic automation accessible for low-volume production.


  • The first two years were spent in R&D, developing the Verbotics Weld software from the ground up, in collaboration with industry.
  • Verbotics sign up their first official client to the Verbotics Weld platform - TRT in 2019.


  • Sales of the Verbotics Weld software take off, with multiple clients throughout Australia and New Zealand.
  • Verbotics breaks into the sizable North American robotic market, with sales to Canmec in 2020.
  • Verbotics makes its first sale into the European market.


  • Continued growth and established market demand see Verbotics attract private investment.
  • Verbotics begins developing future robotic software product roadmaps, outside welding.

Our Team

Nathan Larkin

Managing Director

Nathan Larkin

Nathan is a co-founder and Managing Director of Verbotics. He has a background in Mechatronic Engineering and a specialist in applied robotic welding.


Andrew Short

Technical Director

Dr. Andrew Short

Andrew is a co-founder and leads the technical development of Verbotics. He has a research background in robotic motion planning and computer science.


Winfried Holzapfel


Winfried Holzapfel

Win is a software developer with a particular skill-set in 3D geometry, graphics and user interface design.


What Our Clients Say

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Verbotics Weld makes low volume automation easy. They have made an incredible application!

Robotic welding has been around for decades. But due to the slow nature of manual programming it has always been limited to basic, high volume products.

Many companies including robot OEMs have made offline programming software to accelerate the programming of robots but none of them even compare to Verbotics Weld.

Automating the entire programming process, subscribers can simply upload a CAD model of their part and within minutes Verbotics Weld will generate a program ready to run on the robot. This application allows you to program upcoming jobs whilst still in production, reducing programming downtime to zero.

You can get started with no programming experience and the support is unparalleled. The Verbotics team are constantly developing and improving their software based on user feedback, keeping them at the leading edge of offline programming. Could not recommend enough!

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Jason Collova
Jason Robotics
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Verbotics Weld has been integral to the successful launch of our latest welding cell.

The most technical and time-consuming aspects of robot programming have been eliminated, with automatic planning of search routines and tool paths saving us countless hours.

The training and support provided was fantastic; Nathan guided us through the journey of developing our first program and was quick to provide answers to any questions we had. 6 months of using the software in Production and we're very happy with the results. Verbotics Weld is an offline solution that works!

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Nadeeja Wijesundera
Production Engineer ARB
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We have the confidence in the programs and motions produced by Verbotics Weld to run unassisted.

On average, we would program around two new parts per week. Meanwhile, four hours in Verbotics Weld yields a program that will run for three shifts - 36 hours.

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Sam Hewlett
Robotic Welding Engineer Tidd Ross Todd (TRT)

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