Supported Robots

Verbotics Weld currently has code generators available or under development for the following robot makes. Please note not all features are supported by all code generators, so please refer to the detailed support table for further information.

We can add support for additional robot makes not listed above. Please contact us if you would like to discuss adding support for your robot.

Supported Features

Feature ABB Fanuc Yaskawa Motoman
Translator Supported In Development Supported
Touch Sense Calibration Supported Supported Supported
Laser Sense Calibration Supported Supported Supported
Weave Support Supported Supported Supported
Seam Tracking Supported - WeldGuide Supported Supported - Comarc
Multipass Welding In Development In Development In Development
External Linear Robot Axis Supported Supported Supported
Rotary Workpiece Positioner Supported - 1-2 axes Supported - 1 axes Supported - 1-2 axes
Custom Workpiece Positioner In Development Unsupported Unsupported