Verbotics makes it easy to program your welding robot to manufacture a wide range of agricultural components and equipment. From individual small components like disc planter wheels, all the way up to large machine frames, Verbotics Weld removes the effort and time of robot programming

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General Fabrication

Verbotics Weld can be used to program your robot even when your volumes are low. Create programs for one-off parts quickly and efficiently to keep your robot welding. Generate your programs offline while your robot is in production.

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Program your panel line or gantry robot with Verbotics Weld. Our software will automatically generate programs to get the most out of your robot. Utilise your robots advanced arc welding features such as seam tracking, seam finding, and multipass welding directly from the generated programs.

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Take advantage of robotic automation to secure the future of your manufacturing. Reduce hazardous manual welding while improving efficiency and consistency of your product. Generate your custom vehicle chassis or trailer welding programs with Verbotics Weld.

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Structural Steel

Generate your programs quickly and efficiently for your structural steel applications. Ensure the consistency for your welds using robotic automation.

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Speciality Fabrication

Verbotics Weld is used for bespoke fabrication applications around the world. From aluminium boats and vehicle parts, through to huge civil engineering components.

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Case Studies

First page of the TRT case study
Tidd Ross Todd (TRT)

TRT is a leading design and manufacturing company producing components for the road transport and construction industry. Read how they use Verbotics Weld to make high-mix production possible with their robotic welding system.

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First page of the FIF case study
Facility for Intelligent Fabrication (FIF)

The FIF is a centre for advanced manufacturing research and technology based at the University of Wollongong, Australia. They develop processes, technologies, and advanced manufacturing techniques.

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