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Verbotics Weld can be used to program your robot even when your volumes are low. Create programs for one-off parts quickly and efficiently to keep your robot welding. Generate your programs offline while your robot is in production.

Specify how you’d like your welds created in welding terminology and allow our software to calculate and generate the robot program automatically – we will be your robot expert.

Verbotics Weld can be retrofitted to your existing robot system with no additional hardware required. Get in contact with us with your robotic automation plans to discuss how we can help you.


Program your panel line or gantry robot with Verbotics Weld. Our software will automatically generate programs to get the most out of your robot. Utilise your robots advanced arc welding features such as seam tracking, seam finding, and multipass welding directly from the generated programs.

The advanced planning algorithms in Verbotics Weld will automatically generate where the robot should be placed by your gantry to complete each weld without singularity or robot collision. Motions between the gantry and the robot are coordinated to complete long welds. Allow our unique weld identification tool to generate all your welds with a single click, and our powerful weld editing tools to cut, split, and trim welds quickly and effectively to meet your production needs.

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Take advantage of robotic automation to secure the future of your manufacturing. Reduce hazardous manual welding while improving efficiency and consistency of your product.

Generate your custom vehicle chassis or trailer welding programs with Verbotics Weld. Maintain your product flexibility and customisation without compromises. Use your robot for the wide mix of parts that go into your products.

Our software is as flexible as your production – automatically program both small individual components as well as large chassis and other assemblies. We support both small robot cells (such as a robot with a table), as well as more complex cells (such as a chassis welding cell with a robot on a track and rotary workpiece positioner).


Generate your programs quickly and efficiently for your structural steel applications. Ensure the consistency for your welds using robotic automation. Build your weld procedures into Verbotics Weld and know that each weld is being performed with the correct weld parameters.

With Verbotics Weld you’re not limited to high-volume applications. Easily account for different widths, lengths and cross-sections of your beams and other structures. Our uniquely automatic programming technology identifies all welds, accounts for real-world part differences and plans collision-free motions easily, even for once-off parts.

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Verbotics Weld is used for bespoke fabrication applications around the world. From aluminum boats and vehicle parts, through to huge civil engineering components, Verbotics Weld is trusted to generate the robot welding programs quickly and cost effectively.

Get in contact with us to see how we can help you with your application.


Verbotics Weld: Effective Utilisation of Robotic Welding in High and Low Volumes

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