Verbotics makes it easy to program your welding robot to manufacture a wide range of agricultural components and equipment. From individual small components like disc planter wheels, all the way up to large machine frames, Verbotics Weld removes the effort and time of robot programming, letting you unlock the quality and productivity benefits of welding automation.

Verbotics supports both simple workcells, such as a robot mounted next to a welding table, all the way up to complex cells with tracks and workpiece positioners. All motions are optimised for weld quality, and any tracks or workpiece positioners are programmed automatically.

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Highlighted Features

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Weld identification

Automatically identify all welds on both simple and complex / curved geometry with a single click.

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Path Finding

Allow the robot to compensate for part tolerances with automatic path finding.

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Workpiece Positioning

Automatically orient your workpiece based on the weld position set.

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