Structural Steel

Generate your programs quickly and efficiently for your structural steel applications. Ensure the consistency for your welds using robotic automation. Build your weld procedures into Verbotics Weld and know that each weld is being performed with the correct weld parameters.

With Verbotics Weld you’re not limited to high-volume applications. Easily account for different widths, lengths and cross-sections of your beams and other structures. Our uniquely automatic programming technology identifies all welds, accounts for real-world part differences and plans collision-free motions easily, even for once-off parts.

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Robot welding structural steel component
Photo courtesy of Canmec.

Highlighted Features

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Multipass Welding

Supports multipass welds using native robot instructions. All passes are easy to create, and planned to be collision free.

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Robot Positioner Support

Automatically place robot gantries and tracks to reach the weld and avoid collisions. No need to manually position the robot.

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Advanced Welding Features

Stitching, weaving, through arc seam tracking and many more welding features are supported and easy to use.

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