Take advantage of robotic automation to secure the future of your manufacturing. Reduce hazardous manual welding while improving efficiency and consistency of your product. Generate your custom vehicle chassis or trailer welding programs with Verbotics Weld. Maintain your product flexibility and customisation without compromises. Use your robot for the wide mix of parts that go into your products.

Our software is as flexible as your production - automatically program both small individual components as well as large chassis and other assemblies. We support both small robot cells (such as a robot with a table), as well as more complex cells (such as a chassis welding cell with a robot on a track and rotary workpiece positioner).

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Robot welding a chassis at TRT
Photo courtesy of TRT.

Highlighted Features

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Automatic Weld identification

Identify all welds on your part instantly, directly from the model.

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Workpiece Positioning

Automatically orient your workpiece based on the weld position set.

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Path Planning

Reach into and around tight spaces and compartments without collisions.

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