Verbotics Weld 0.7 Released

Posted on August 5, 2019 by Verbotics

We have released Verbotics Weld 0.7 which includes weld accessibility checking, locked positioner planning, additional axes support and a number of other enhancements. You can get it from the download page or by checking for updates within Weld.

One useful feature is the new Check Accessibility functionality, which you can access by right clicking on weld(s). This checks the torch geometry and weld settings against the workpiece to see if it’s accessible to the robot, and marks the weld as inaccessible if the torch cannot access it. This can be used as a quick check to remove inaccessible welds before running the full planning process.

Check accessibiliy dialog

We have made a number of improvements to planning. This includes support for additional robot positioner axes and discretised external axes. We also allow you to lock the workpiece positioner in the weld settings to it will not move during planning. Finally the optimisation process of both weld paths and touch sense motions has been improved.

There are also several usability improvements. You can now click on a few parts and identify welds for only those parts. We have added a filter option for weld position. We have also improved the speed of editing lots of welds at once.

There are also a number of bug fixes and minor enhancements, such as making already welded assemblies a different colour.