Introducing Cell Editor

Posted on December 9, 2020 by Win

We’re excited to announce a new cell editor to be released soon. Verbotics Cell Editor can create and edit work cells that are used by Verbotics Weld. It can also edit Robot Operating System (ROS) robot description packages, URDF and SRDF files. Cell Editor will be bundled with Verbotics Weld and initally provided free to use for both our customers and ROS users to model their robot systems.

Cell Editor screenshot

We are seeking testers to trial a pre-release version of Cell Editor. If this interests you, please contact us.

Create Workcells

Cell Editor is a graphical editor for Verbotics model (*.vbmodel) files. This will give users the ability to create and edit customised cells for use with Verbotics Weld, our offline programing software for arc welding applications. Cell Editor has been designed to simplify the process of defining a workcell and includes drag-and-drop operations and an an interactive 3D manipulator used in the viewport for transform operations.

Cell Editor supports a variety of mesh formats and can import CAD information in STEP files. This also means that OEM-provided robot, tools, and parts can be easily added to a work cell by importing the a STEP file of the model.

Importing manufacturer STEP files

Verbotics can also provide consultancy services to create work cells for use in Verbotics Weld. Please contact us if you would like us to evaluate or create your work cell.

Preset Library and Framework

Cell Editor supports a framework to utilise a “Preset Library” of common components such as robots, rails, positioners, and tooling. It is anticipated that Verbotics will provide and grow this library over time.

Preset import dialog
Import vendor presets.

Creation of custom presets is supported by the application. These presets, and any other presets, can then be edited as needed by Cell Editor. Once a work cell is created, parts of the work cell can be exported individually as presets to be used in other work cells.

The preset framework in Cell Editor allows for the rapid development of different work cell configurations, especially where many common components are used.

ROS Support

Cell Editor supports the editing of both URDF and SRDF files contained within ROS packages. Access to the facilities for editing ROS packages and Verbotics model files is provided by a standardized data model. It is possible to convert easily between Verbotics model files, ROS Packages and preset files for later use in the software.

Dialog listing ROS packages
Import ROS presets.

Demonstration Video

Here is a short video of Cell Editor being used to create a workcell starting from a ROS package. In this demonstration a linear axis is added to an existing robot description, and the resulting description is opened in RViz.

More Information

Further information about Cell Editor is available on the dedicated product page.