Verbotics Weld 0.10 Released

Posted on February 16, 2021 by Verbotics

We’re pleased to release Verbotics Weld 0.10. The main new feature for this release is multi-pass welding. We have improved how settings work to make managing large projects easier. There are also a number of other improvements and fixes. You can download the latest release from the download page or by checking for updates within Verbotics Weld.

Multipass Welding

The primary new feature for 0.10 is multi-pass welding. We have an easy-to-use GUI editor to define multi-pass welds. Our automatic planning algorithms then plan sensing and the toolpath for each pass so collisions are avoided and to optimise welding quality. The generated code uses the dedicated multi-pass functionality within the robot’s programming language where possible.

Settings Improvements

We have separated the weld settings into process settings, calibration settings and positioner settings. This allows each of these to be managed and appplied separately, which is very useful for large projects with many settings.

We have also added more advanced options for controlling the robot positioner, such as locking the robot to one side of the weld. You can now also specify default settings to apply to new welds.

3D Manipulator

In previous version of Weld, you had to type in numeric values to translate and rotate parts and welds. With 0.10 there is also now the option to use a drag-and-drop 3D manipulator to move parts within the workspace.

Interactive transform to move a part

Weld Creation

While our automatic weld identification process is very powerful, there are some cases for which manual weld creation is more useful. We have added a tool where you can click on the edge of a part to manually define a weld path.

Dialog to interactively create a weld

Other Features

Other new features and improvements include: