Verbotics Weld 0.11.1

Posted on October 22, 2022 by Verbotics

Today we’re excited to release Verbotics Weld 0.11.1! This minor release includes a number of improvements to existing features and bugfixes. You can download the latest release from the download page or by checking for updates within Verbotics Weld.

Workpiece Positioner Settings

We’ve made the settings for your positioner more powerful and flexible. You can now control the motion of individual joints of your workpiece positioner – for example you can lock one axis, and allow the other to move. Or you can set a range that is valid.

Settings dialog
More advanced per-joint workpiece positioner settings.

Support for Universal Robots URP Generation

We’ve added a new code generator for Universal Robots URP programs, in addition to our existing URScript generator. URPs can be loaded directly onto your robot controller, and are easier to visualise and edit using the teach pendant. We’ve also added the ability to upload URP programs directly from Verbotics Weld to your Universal Robot. We are also looking at adding support for this for other robots.

Dialog transferring program directly to robot
You can now send Universal Robot programs directly to your robot controller.

Other Improvements

Code Generator Changes