What is the Robotics Cost Curve?

Posted on May 2, 2023 by Verbotics

Have you heard about the Robotics Cost curve?

It’s a concept that shows how robotic welding costs decrease with part volume. Manual welding in comparison has a flat cost per part for all volumes. At some point, there is a crossover where the efficiencies of robotic production outweigh the initial higher setup cost.

Robotics cost curve

There are two contributors to the initial cost: The equipment, and the programming. For robotic welding, the equipment can be considered a one-off cost. A robot system can weld a wide range of parts as long as they fit within the working reach of the robot. This leaves programming.

Verbotics Weld has been created to solve the cost of robot programming. As programming costs reduce the crossover point shown in the curve moves towards the left. In fact, many of our customers utilise robotic welding in single piece production with the help of our software.

Are you a high-mix, low-volume manufacturer looking to automate your welding process? Maybe Verbotics Weld is the key you need to unlock robotic welding.