Verbotics Weld 0.12.1 Released

Posted on June 16, 2024 by Andrew

We’ve just released Verbotics Weld 0.12.1 with a number of functionality and usability improvements. You can download the latest release here or by checking for updates within Weld (under Help > Check for Updates).

Improved Tools

We’ve improved our Create Welds tool to allow creating welds from loop features, as well as quickly starting a new weld so you don’t have to open and close the tool multiple times.

We’ve also added a Measure tool (under Tools > Measure) so you can measure the distance between part features. We intend to improve this over time, and are investigating the ability the measure the difference between workcell and part features.

Using the improved create welds tool
Verbotics Weld measurement tool
Using the new Measure tool.

Touch Sense Motion Optimisation

In previous verbotics of Verbotics Weld, each touch (or laser sense) motion would have an approach and retreat motion inserted to move to and from a known collision-free position. Some of these motions aren’t neccesary, for example when sensing a fillet weld. We’ve improved this so these approach and retreat motions are only inserted if they are required.

Moving directly between touch senses where an approach or retreat is not required.

Similar Planning

We’ve improved our software to attempt to plan each weld in a “similar” robot position, meaning that motions such as unneccesary external axis motions or robot configuration changes between welds are now reduced.

We’ve also added a more aggresive option to allow planning welds prior to previous similar welds. This is disabled by default, as it means that we need to wait for earlier welds to finish planning, so planning will take a longer time - but this can be useful when you want to minimise robot configuration changes between similar welds.

Code Generation Options

We’ve added the option to not output code to enable skipping over welds in our UR, FANUC and Yaskawa generators. While this code can be very useful, if you don’t use it it outputs a number of unneccesary conditions and motions - we we’ve added the option to turn this off to produce smaller programs.

Other Changes