Capture the low-volume/customised welding market,
with Verbotics' industry leading software.

Capture the low-volume/customised welding market, with Verbotics' industry leading software.

With Verbotics Weld, you can:

  • Automatically generate robotic welding programs directly from CAD
  • Remove the manual time, effort and expertise required with manual programming
  • Produce repeatable and highly customisable welding programs that will revolutionise the speed and efficiency of their operations

With Verbotics, you’re always one step ahead of the competition.

  • Laser Sensing describes how a laser sensor should be set up to work with Verbotics Weld.
  • Robot Calibration outlines the calibration requirements for calibrating a work cell for use with Verbotics Weld.



Currently there are no facilities for end users or system integrators to create work cell files (.vbmodel files). Please contact Verbotics to obtain pricing to create a customised work cell file, or utilise a sample work cell file for evaluation purposes. Sample work cells can be downloaded from our website.


Programs generated using offline programming require additional calibration steps to minimise any errors between the installed system and the work cell definition in Verbotics Weld. Very small errors can accumulate to create large errors that cannot be resolved using touch sensing and can result in suboptimal performance of the exported programs and/or robot collision.

Please see calibration for more details.

Misalignment of the robot mount can cause error of where external axes are used. For example, a small error of 0.2 degrees in the robot mounting will result in a +/-7mm error for a robot reaching 2m in front compared to reaching behind. We understand that it may be difficult to mount and align a robot with exact accuracy, so our system can compensate for these errors if known. We can also suggest parameter values to use if you would like your robot controller to also take these into account.

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