Cell Editor

Create and edit your own workcells.
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Verbotics Cell Editor is a desktop application designed to edit and create robotic work cells for Verbotics Weld. This application provides the capability to construct workcells, which can then be imported and used in combination with our offline programing software for arc welding applications. Verbotics uses the open URDF and SRDF specification to define the work cell models used in our offline programming applications. Verbotics Cell Editor also supports creation and modification of URDF/SRDF files for use with other software.

Verbotics can also provide consultancy services to create work cells for use in Verbotic Weld. Please contact us if you would like us to evaluate or create your work cell.

Laptop running Verbotics Weld
Cell editor preset library dialog

Preset Library

Cell Editor includes a growing library of vendor parts (presets) which can be imported directly into the cell. In addition, custom presets can be constructed inside Cell Editor, and shared easily between instances of the software. Once a large library has been constructed, variations of work cells can be quickly and efficiently created.

  • Library of vendor parts provided by Verbotics.
  • Easy creation of variations of workcells based on existing pre-made parts.
  • Interchange tools, fixtures, manipulators, stations and positioners.
  • Automatically configure a cell based on an imported robot.

From STEP to Weld

Cell Editor supports the import of standard STEP files, which can be used to construct very large and complex assemblies of cells that have been assembled in a CAD program.

  • Import all STEP attributes and construct a URDF tree from the STEP tree.
  • Visualise and manipulate relationships in the tree in real time.
  • Full suite of editing tools to collapse and combine the STEP file structure into a simplified representation.

URDF and SRDF Editing

Cell Editor is able to edit URDF and SRDF files, which are based on their respective standards provided by the Robot Operating System (ROS) project. These files and standards are used by Verbotics Weld to enable automatic welding robot programming, but are also commonly used in the robotics world to do any number of wonderful things.

Cell Editor is able to edit many files that conform to the ROS URDF standard. However, not all parts of the URDF and SRDF specification are implemented.

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