This page contains a selection of example workcells and pre-planned projects you can use to evaluate Verbotics Weld.


Once you have downloaded a cell, you can import it into Verbotics Weld in the Edit > Preferences > Work Cells options area, as shown in our installation tutorial. If you would like more information about modelling your work cell in our software, please contact us.

ABB FlexArc example workcell
ABB FlexArc®

Based on an ABB FlexArc® cell with an IRB2600ID robot and a 2-axis IRBP750B positioner.

ABB with rotator example workcell
ABB with rotator

An ABB IRB2600ID on a 4m IRBT2005 track with a single-axis IRBP workpiece positioner.

Universal Robots UR10e on a welding table
Universal Robots

A universal Robots UR10e mounted on a welding table.

Yaskawa Motoman welding robot with track and 2-axis positioner
Yaskawa with positioner

A Yaskawa Motoman MA2010 robot on a 3m TSL-600SD track and a 2-axis MT1-10002D positioner.

Yaskawa Motoman welding robot with track and large rotator
Yaskawa with large positioner

A large work cell with a Yaskawa Motoman MH50-20II robot on a 16m track with a single-axis positioner.

Yaskawa Motoman welding robot with track and large rotator
Yaskawa with gantry

A large example cell with an inverted Yaskawa Motoman MA1440 mounted on a TSG 3-axis gantry.



These example projects already have all the welds identified and planned for you, so you can download and simulate them straight away in your trial copy of Verbotics Weld. You also need to download and install the corresponding workcell.

Trailer example project
Trailer frame

A trailer frame constructed of RHS sections. Planned in the "Yaskawa with large positioner" work cell.

Project Workcell
Pipe assembly example project
Pipe assembly

A pipe assembly with pipe-to-pipe joins and stiffeners. Planned in the "ABB FlexArc" work cell.

Project Workcell
Ship panel example project
Ship panel

An example shipbuilding panel, planned in the “Yaskawa with Gantry” work cell.

Project Workcell
Verbotics Weld screenshot with small assembly
Small Assembly

A small example assembly mounted on a fixture table.

Project Workcell