Less Programming, More Welding

Verbotics Weld is a UR+ certified application that enables fast programming of your welding cobot directly from CAD models.

Automatically generate programs without downtime using our simple to use desktop application. Our programs include touch sense path finding so your Universal Robot can detect and compensate for real world part differences.

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Universal Robots UR+

How It Works

Verbotics Weld ensures high-quality welding results using four easy steps:

Import your part model from CAD.

Verbotics imports industry standard AP203 and AP214 STEP files. These can be exported from almost any CAD software, including SOLIDWORKS, Inventor, Fusion 360, Tekla and much more.

Identify all weld paths with a single click.

Verbotics analyses your part geometry to create weld paths. You can create all welds with our single click automatic wizard, or by clicking on individual part edges.

Automatically plan all robot motions.

  • Plan the welding path and intermediate motions with no human effort.
  • Toolpaths are optimised for weld quality.
  • Motions are collision and singularity free.
  • Automatic path finding using touch or laser sensing.

Simulate or generate robot code.

  • Generated programs are ready-to-run.
  • Path finding accounts for real-world part and robot kinematic differences.
  • Robot code is flexible and easy to integrate with ancillary equipment.

Benefits of Verbotics For Your UR

Cobots are easy to program with their intuitive lead-through programming capability. However, this can be time consuming, lead to robot downtime during programming and be difficult to include features like touch sense path finding. Let Verbotics solve this for you:

Easy to learn with a user-friendly interface, allowing anyone to create robot welding programs.

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No manual programming, all robot motions are calculated and optimised for you.

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Program hundreds of welds with the same effort it takes to program just one.

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Automatically includes touch sense path finding to account for part differences.

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Seamless integration with UR, generating URP or URScript programs you can easily edit.

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Simulate programs before you put them into production and program without robot downtime.

UR Integration

Verbotics Weld is a UR+ certified product. It's compatible with e-Series UR robots - if you'd like to use Verbotics with your CB series please contact us. Key features include:

  • Generate URP (visual editor) or URScript (script) programs.
  • Send programs directly from Verbotics to your UR over Ethernet.
  • Includes a URCap to integrate with your welding power source for welding IO and touch sensing.

More features

Laptop running Verbotics Weld software

Try it out!

Try out our software yourself, or book a demonstration to see how we can help you take the effort out of robot programming.

Download a Free Trial Request a Demo

Want to try Verbotics Weld for yourself? Follow these steps:

  1. Download Verbotics Weld. It is free to download and fully featured - you only need a license to generate robot code.
  2. Download our example Universal Robots UR10e workcell, or get in contact with us and we can provide one that is more suited to your application.
  3. Install Verbotics Weld and download our example part files.
  4. Work through our UR-specific tutorial. This only takes 20 minutes, and will show you the main features of our software.
  5. Let us know how it went, or get in contact with us and we can arrange a demonstration using your parts. See what's possible with Verbotics Weld!